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Argan is a publicly traded holding company (NYSE AMEX: AGX) focused on companies that provide products and services to growth industries. We seek as partners, companies that can benefit from our ability to enhance their growth, either internally or through strategic acquisitions. Our current portfolio of wholly owned subsidiaries includes Gemma Power Systems, LLC and affiliates and Southern Maryland Cable, Inc.

Gemma Power Systems ( is a leading power plant designer and builder with expertise in engineering, design, procurement and construction. The Company excels in developing traditional natural gas power plants as well as alternative fuel projects including biodiesel, ethanol, and other renewable energy sources such as biomass, wind and solar.

Argan, Inc, CPV Sentinel

Southern Maryland Cable, Inc. ( provides comprehensive technology wiring and utility construction solutions to a wide range of customers. The Company furnishes inside premise wiring services to the federal government, including military installations and government office sites requiring high-level security clearance, and underground and aerial construction services and splicing to utility, telecommunciations, construction and local government customers.

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