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Gemma Power Systems, headquartered near Hartford, Connecticut, is a leading gas fired power plant designer and builder with expertise in the rapidly growing alternative fuel industry including biodiesel, ethanol and renewable engergy sources such as biomass, wind and solar. The Company provides the full range of development, consulting, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance services.

The Company’s expertise in the alternative and renewable energy industry, as well as its proven track record developing facilities and services for traditional energy systems, make it uniquely positioned to assist in the development and delivery of innovative renewable energy solutions as world energy needs grow and efforts to combat global warming increase. Typically a substantial portion of Gemma’s backlog is geared toward the renewable energy sector, including some of the most innovative and important alternative energy plant projects in the United States.

In total, Gemma has managed the engineering, procurement and construction of more than 80 facilities, representing over 11,000 MW of power-generating capacity, and overseen the completion of billions of dollars worth of public, industrial, and commercial projects. Their technology agnostic approach positions Gemma to be a long term leader that can meet demand for virtually any type of energy in this ever evolving marketplace.

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